6 Exciting Road Trips from Bangalore!

6 Road Trips from Bangalore with all details like route map, places to see and stay? Yes, as road trippers we love to drive to destinations. We love the freedom road trips provide to stop, look and explore.You might have already read these posts on this blog separately. With long weekends of Dasara and Diwali coming in next few weeks, we thought of putting all of them in one basket so that it will be easy for readers.

We are sharing here details about 6 exciting road trips from Bangalore exploring heritage, western ghats, wild life, beaches etc.......  in this post. These drives, cover not more than 300 KMs in a day. The plan is to cover for a week extendable for another two days. It also provide you option to just plan for as many number of days you wish to.

Here we go....

Exciting road trip from Bangalore 1 - Karnataka Heritage trails

Awesome setting of Bhootnath temple in Badami
This will provide you an opportunity to explore rich architectural and sculptural heritage of Karnataka. It covers the UNESCO World heritage sites of Hampi and Pattadakal. 

Click on the link below for full details

Karnataka Heritage Trails

Exciting road trip from Bangalore 2 - Magical Malnad

Jog Falls in Monsoon
Malnad is mesmerising. It is a road trippers dream. You drive over winding roads enjoying the lovely vistas of rolling hills with cascades, rivers and everything a road tripper can expect of.

Click on the link below for full details

Exciting road trip from Bangalore 3 - Tryst with Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu

Rajagopuram of Brihadeeswara temple, Thanjavur
A combination of cultures - French and Tamil. Great architectural heritage. Lovely temples. Pristine beaches. Can you ask for more?

Click on the link below for full details

Tryst with Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu

Exciting road trip from Bangalore 4 - Karavali and Koffee Kombo!

Baindur Beach
The title is a give away. Yes, this is again a road tripper's delight. Winding hills, mesmerising landscapes, pristine beaches and ancient heritage spots. 

Click on the link below for full details

Karavali and Koffee Kombo

Exciting road trip from Bangalore 5 - Hill Holiday in Coorg, Wayanad and Ooty

Do you want to enjoy is some of the prettiest places in South India? Here is your chance to drive to three hill stations in South India.

Click on the link below for full details
Exciting road trip from Bangalore 6 - Exploring Uttara Kannada

Magod falls, Yellapur
This is the unexplored region. A road tripper's paradise. Lovely roads with awesome landscape. Best of the beaches one can chill out in. Time to explore the unexplored.

Click on the link below for full details

Exploring Uttara Kannada

So what are you waiting for? Get set. Get your car ready and go for one of these drives. Let us know your story.

Here is another list for road trips to explore Indian Monsoon in Western Ghats.

12 Road Trips to Experience monsoon in Western Ghats!

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Spectacular Jog Falls and breathtaking backwaters!

We had listed 10 Waterfalls in Karnataka you should not miss in the monsoon in this blog and Jog falls happens to be the big daddy of them all. What do you do when you hear that incessant rain in Western ghats had filled the dam feeding Jog falls? You pack your bags and go. To see the spectacular sight of Jog Falls in all its glory. It does not happen every year. We also put out a post - Jog is spectacular, Go now! - as soon as when one of our friends was lucky to be there on the day gates were opened and asked our readers to go and see the glorious sight. But unfortunately we could not go on the day the dam was opened. We went on the next weekend. We were still in for a treat.

Driving in monsoon is always a pleasure. We leave in the morning aiming to reach Jog Falls by afternoon after paying a visit to well known Hanuman temple at Bangaramakki. The drive through our new found route of Bangalore - Channarayapatna - Ariskere - Shimoga - Jog falls was a bliss. A sumptuous breakfast in Shark Food Court after Nelamangala - softest of Thatte idlis we have ever eaten - kept us in good stead through the journey. 

The brown fields we had seen few months back had turned green and the landscape on Channarayapatna - Arsikere was gorgeous. There are some places on this road which looks like a picture postcard with the straight black tarmac dividing the fields. It reminded of the European country side with small little hamlets with red tile roofed houses lending colourful contrast to the green expanse of maize fields. The landscape turned for better when we entered malnad with carpets of green of paddy fields stretching into horizon.

Green landscape of Malnad.....extending into horizon
The roads continued to remain good and we cruise our way to the temple of Bangaramakki on Honnavar road. The drive through Sharavathi valley is always charming. Good rains in the previous week meant that we could see many small water falls on the way. The best part of this drive this time was the stunning view of  a waterfalls known as "Bangara Kusuma" which gets its glory only in monsoon. Though we could see a trekking trail to the falls, we did not dare to do it. 

With blessings of Lord Hanuman, we depart Bangamakki. 

First glimpse of "Bangara Kusuma" water fall.
Beautiful view of the falls
Sharavathi Valley view
Cascades along the road

Our first stop was at Bombay guest house. This is the place where you can get a panoramic view of water cascading down the rocks. It is a fantastic sight when there is lot of water. The water levels had come down and to that extent we were disappointed. But the waterfalls was still wonderful with cascades dropping down the deep gorges making it a spectacular sight. Swelling holiday crowd made us to wait for vantage points to enjoy the sight of the falls.

Views of the falls from the view point of guest house

A Panoramic shot of the falls
A short drive from Bombay guest house brought us to the main view point on the opposite side. We were excited as we walked to the view point where we could see streams of water tumbling down the gorges into the huge pit below.  Though less water robbed us the glorious sight which was witnessed by some of our friends in the previous week it was still a splendid sight with the four streams coming down the rocks majestically. The plus point of jog falls is the "view point" from where you can see the complete falls. Very rarely one gets a chance to see the complete falls from one point. While we were enjoying the sight of the spectacle, we spotted another water fall when the mist cover over it cleared. This was a beauty and on its own terms passes the muster as one of the beautiful falls. Let us now take you through what we saw.  Clear weather helped us to enjoy the spectacle of Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket - the four cascades which forms "Jog Falls".

Raja, Rani, Roarer and rocket - The four cascades of Jog falls
A nice rainbow formed at the bottom of the falls. We were lucky to capture it.
A wonderful water fall seen on the left side of main falls
After spending an hour, we leave. But not before savouring juicy pineapples which are grown locally!

It was around 5 in the evening when we start driving back to our home stay in Tirthahalli.  We reach Talaguppa, a small town between Sagar and Jog falls. This place happens to be the last railway station in Malnad and closest to jog falls.

When we were browsing the Google map of the area, we happened to see a road hugging the back waters of Linganamakki. It looked very interesting and obviously would be very scenic. A quick check with a friend who is from Talaguppa confirmed that there indeed was a road and was in good condition. He also confirmed that it was very scenic and advised us to climb small hillocks on the way to get a panoramic view of the backwaters.

We take a deviation at the Talaguppa police station and drive on. First few kilometres did not give any indication of what was in store. We knew that this will be a winding road over small hills. It was to be. It never seemed to end. We did not complain. We were treated to the panoramic views of the backwaters, lush green fields, small little lakes formed by backwaters. The country side rose and fell in majestic undulations as we drove on for 34 KMs. 

First sight of the backwaters - A sea of freshwater!
Some more sights of backwaters

Greenery at its best!
Lovely lakes formed by backwaters
Isn't this beautiful?
We were fortunate to have seen the backwaters as dusk set in. The newly laid concrete road with good signages made driving a pleasure. Driving on a winding road through the green fields, forests and water bodies was a exhilarating experience.

Reaching Sagar and driving beyond, we were in time for a lovely soup at Bananki home stay in Tirthahalli, our regular haunt!

Travel Information

Getting there
  • By Train - The last stop of Talaguppa which is 15 KMs away from Jog falls is connected to Bangalore. Overnight inter city express is the most convenient train to reach Bangalore. From Talaguppa one can hire autorickshaw or shared jeeps to visit Jog falls.
  • By Bus - There are direct buses to Joga falls from Bangalore. Jog fall is also well connected by all buses which ply on Bangalore - Honnavar highway.
  • By Road - The road condition from Bangalore is excellent. It is at a distance of 375 KMs from Bangalore. So is the other road from Honnavar.
Stay Options
Travel Tips

a) The best time to visit the falls are the monsoon months of July - August. The best view of falls is when the dams are opened. But that will be only for day and one has to be lucky.

b) Jog falls can be visited while driving to coastal Karnataka from Bangalore.

c) Enough parking space has been developed near the view point.

d) Do not venture close to the falls or climb the rocky cliffs. Many deaths have occurred due to slip and fall.

e) Staying in home stay will also give an opportunity to explore the nearby places like Gerusoppa which has a medieval jain temple, Bangaramakki known fro Hanuman temple, Sigandur known for Chowdeshwari temple which can be reached after a lovely boat ride on backwaters, treks in Sharavathi valley.

f) The place has toilet facilities. There is also a restaurant run by KSTDC.

g) Jog falls and surrounding area has some of the lovely roads with splendid landscapes for those who love driving around.

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Skywatch Friday - Hole in the Sky in Ladakh!

Ladakh is always fascinating. It amazes the travellers with new things everytime you go there.

But you need to be curious traveller!

We found these natural holes formed in the mountains on our way to Nubra valley and again during our trek in Markha valley. It is a geological phenomenon and no one knows how it would have occurred. But it is a natural wonder indeed. Take a look at these pictures below. Please click on them to see in original size.

On the way to Nubra Valley 
Near Hunkar Village on Markha Valley trek
Close up shot of the above

Next time when you travel to Ladakh look out for such fascinating vignettes. These are like icing on the cake!

There are many Ladakh stories in this blog. We welcome you to take a look at them by clicking this link below.

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